Choose your vector to match your needs

Vector choice is determined by several factors including size of insert, construction process to be used, desired promoter, and antibiotic resistance. DNA2.0 provides a large selection of cloning vectors, expression vectors and the option to custom clone into your vector.

Specific requirements? Not sure which vector choice is best for your project? Consult with a Vector Specialist today at +1 877 362 8646 or to determine your optimal cloning strategy.

DNA2.0 synthetic genes can be cloned into our own series of pJ vectors, designed to minimize common restriction sites for ease of downstream manipulation. Inserts are flanked by transcriptional terminators to allow cloning of inserts encoding proteins that are toxic to E. coli.

Cloning Vectors are currently available with the following options:

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E. coli Marker
E. coli Copy
Catalog Vectors Use For Replication host Expression host Add to favorites
for Gene Synthesis
Number Name Cloning Control Properties Properties Add to cart
Electra     PheS Counter-selection Mothers
pM265 PheS Elec M zeo, high copy
pM268 PheS Elec M amp, high copy
pM269 PheS Elec M chlor, high copy
pM275 PheS Elec M zeo, low copy
pM278 PheS Elec M amp, low copy
pM279 PheS Elec M chlor, low copy
Electra     rpsL Counter-selection Mothers
pM262 rpsL Elec M zeo, high copy
pM263 rpsL Elec M chlor, high copy
pM264 rpsL Elec M amp, high copy
pM272 rpsL Elec M zeo, low copy
pM273 rpsL Elec M chlor, low copy
pM274 rpsL Elec M amp, low copy
Cloning Vectors
n/a pJ-Kan-high kan, high copy
n/a pJ-Zeo-high zeo, high copy
n/a pJ-Amp-high amp, high copy
n/a pJ-Chlor-high chlor, high copy
n/a pJ-Kan-low kan, low copy
n/a pJ-Zeo-low zeo, low copy
n/a pJ-Amp-low amp, low copy
n/a pJ-Chlor-low chlor, low copy

Important information:

  • The pJ cloning vectors do not contain restriction sites for excision of your gene. These must be included in your gene design if you wish to remove your gene with restriction enzymes.
  • Gentamicin resistance is present in some vectors, but functionality may be limited.
  • For PCR or sequencing primers we use the following oligonucleotides:
  • Inserts are cloned nondirectionally to minimize potential toxicity of inserts.

Vector numbers also used with corresponding vector in parentheses:
pJ341, pJ221, pJ321 pJ201 (Kan-High)
pJ344, pJ224, pJ324 pJ204 (Amp-High)
pJ347, pJ227, pJ327 pJ207 (KanGent-High)
pJ348, pJ228, pJ328 pJ208 (AmpGent-High)
pJ349, pJ229, pJ329 pJ209 (ChlorGent-High)
pJ351, pJ231, pJ331 pJ211 (Kan-Low)
pJ354, pJ234, pJ334 pJ214 (Amp-Low)
pJ357, pJ234, pJ334 pJ217 (KanGent-Low)
pJ358, pJ238, pJ338 pJ218 (AmpGent-Low)
pJ359, pJ239, pJ339 pJ219 (ChlorGent-Low)

High Expression for Your Protein

DNA2.0 expression vectors are available for Gene Synthesis orders and from the DNA2.0 vector catalog. Vectors are immediately usable for high bacterial, mammalian and yeast protein expression. Cloning into these vectors for gene synthesis orders is available free of charge (Bacterial, Mammalian and Saccharomyces) or for a small fee (Pichia) and the constructs are provided without IP restrictions.

IP-Free© Bacterial Expression Vectors:
High levels of protein expression, choice of antibiotic resistance markers, a customizable RBS and more. Rhamnose expression vectors are tightly controlled and enable high expression yields, even for toxic or challenging proteins. Available for Gene Synthesis orders and from the DNA2.0 vector catalog.


IP-Free© Mammalian Expression Vectors:
DNA2.0 pJexpress Mammalian vectors offer high levels of protein expression with a choice of resistance markers. Available for Gene Synthesis orders and from the DNA2.0 vector catalog.


IP-Free© Yeast Expression Vectors:
High levels of secreted or intracellular protein expression in Pichia pastoris and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Choose secretion or intracellular expression, constitutive or inducible promoters, antibiotic resistance markers and more. Available for Gene Synthesis orders and from the DNA2.0 vector catalog.

DNA2.0 has developed a simple one-tube universal cloning process that can be performed in a 5 minute bench-top reaction with the fidelity of a restriction based cloning system.

Learn More about the Electra Vector System®.

Easy – 1 tube, 5 minute reaction
Universal – any ORF cloned into any vector. Quickly move ORFs from MOTHER vector to multiple DAUGHTER vectors
Scarless – always in frame with no nucleotide scars
IP-Free – No license, no royalty share, no restrictions
Choice – Large selection of vectors for multiple hosts with fusions, bicistronic expression, promoters, RBS, and more
Convenient – clone your genes with Electra Vectors and Cloning kit, or have DNA2.0 do the work for you

Electra System Mother and Daughter Vectors

Efficient transfer of your ORF into multiple expression vectors with varying features using the DNA2.0 Electra system. An ORF of interest (Gene A) can be easily transferred from the mother vector (pMOTHER) into a range of DAUGHTER vectors (pDAUGHTERs). DAUGHTER vectors are available in Bacterial, Mammalian and Yeast vectors with your choice of resistance markers, fluorescent protein stuffers and C- and N-terminal tags and/or fusions.

Your Gene in Your Vector

DNA2.0 can custom clone your synthesized gene into your chosen vector.

Simply provide DNA2.0 with the custom vector and we will handle the cloning and sequencing. DNA2.0 fully protects your IP and confidentiality at all times; and of course, the custom vector shall remain your property throughout the cloning process.

Your Vector in Your Account: Once you have used a custom vector for your gene synthesis order, your vector will be available to your account for any future orders. Easily select your favorite vector with the click of a button.

Please note: additional fees apply for Custom Cloning.