Choose the Vector, Protein or Strain to Match Your Needs

DNA2.0 vectors are immediately usable for protein expression and are available as ready-to-use catalog items or for gene synthesis orders. IP-Free© proteins and strains allow easy monitoring of protein expression.

Simple, IP-Free©, scarless cloning in bacterial, mammalian and yeast expression vectors. A one tube, 5-minute universal cloning process for any gene.
Bacterial, Mammalian & Yeast vectors for high protein expression. Choose from a large selection of markers, promoters, tags, secretion signals, and more.
CRISPR/Cas9 and NickaseNinja™ custom constructs and vectors.
Tools for genome editing and engineering.
Revolutionary gRNA design software.
IP-Free© synthetic non-aequorea fluorescent proteins and chromogenic proteins provide a positive control and allow monitoring of inducible protein expression.
A selection of IP-Free© Pichia pastoris expression strains, with no licensing restrictions and ready to use with all DNA2.0 Pichia expression vectors.